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Dr Siân Astley
Pathway to Personalised Nutrition

Siân joined IFR in 1992 on a Food and Drink Federation PhD fellowship, studying carotenoids and vitamin E affect DNA damage. Following her PhD award in 1997, her work was expanded to include affects of dietary compounds in human volunteers. At the beginning of 2004 she became the communications manager for the Network of Excellence “The European Nutrigenomics Organisation: linking genomics, nutrition and health research”. Although she says, "I will always think of myself primarily as a research scientist, making the science others do accessible, is key to benefiting those that pay for it!"



Dr József Baranyi
Dr Jozsef BaranyiPredictive Microbiology & Risk Assessment

József's interests turned to biomathematics while working in the Microbiology Department of Uppsala University, Sweden, 1988-90. He joined to IFR in 1990 and since then, he has been working in the area of Predictive Microbiology, focussing on the mathematical modelling of microbial responses to the food environment. His special interests include dynamic and stochastic models.
He has been coordinating and participating in several projects funded by UK government, EU and industry. He was invited expert in several EC programmes and other international projects; invited and keynote speaker of numerous workshops and conferences. He is author of ca. 40 refereed papers and three book chapters.



Dr Clare Mills
Dr Clare MillsAllergy Cluster

Clare graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in Biochemistry in 1979. Following working at the then Glaxo Research at Ware she went to study for a PhD at the University of Kent. After working at the Department of Health in 1985 she joined IFR working in the Biorecognition and Immunology Group and became head of the Physical Biochemistry Group in 1999. She has worked with allergenic food proteins from peanut and milk, studying their physicochemical properties after processing using a range of protein biochemical and immunological methods. Clare is the co-ordinator of the EU integrated project EuroPrevall ( - goes live 01.10.05) studying food allergy with over 50 partners and has also participated in a number of EU research projects with various partners.



Dr Keith Waldron
Dr Keith WaldronCo-Product Exploitation

Keith graduated in Biochemistry from Edinburgh University (Biochemistry) 1981, and followed this with a PhD from the University of Glasgow. Keith is now a Senior Scientist at IFR, whose research revolves around plant cell walls in relation to quality of food. Keith is a Fellow of the Institute of Biology, and was recently elected as an Honorary Member of the Royal Institution



Dr Pete Wilde
Dr Peter WildeFood Structure and Nutrition

Peter joined the Process Physics Department at IFR in 1985, following a degree in Biophysics at UEA. He has over 20 years research experience investigating the interfacial properties of proteins and emulsifiers using a range of physical techniques. The focus of Peter's research has been to understand how proteins and other food ingredients stabilise foams and emulsions. He now heads a project in the Structuring Food for Health programme, investigating ways by which this knowledge can be used to create healthier food structures.



Dr Reg Wilson
Dr Reg WilsonFHN Direct & Quality Throughout Shelf-Life

Reg is a graduate of Chelsea College, University of London with a DSc (Chemistry) awarded in 2001. Reg is currently Head of Science Operations and a member of the Institute Executive Board. He has over 20 years experience in infrared and Raman spectroscopy and still has research interests in the spectroscopy and mechanics of the plant cell wall, sensing & control and food authentication.


Dr Steve Ring
Dr Steve RingBarriers

This Cluster has moved from events to research projects, with submissions to BBSRC Responsive Mode and Defra LINK.

Steve's research is primarily concerned with the chemistry and behaviour of carbohydrate polymers. He has a track record of developing patented technology that can be used in targetting release of pharmaceuticals in the large intestine



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