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Membership charges and benefits

Benefits of joining the Food & Health Network

  • Competitive advantage through early access tot he latest research into food issues
  • Regular updates on our understanding of the science of food
  • Direct conversation with leading scientists through targeted seminars and conferences on topics you help to define
  • Input to the development of research projects so they respond to industry needs
  • A forum for national and international industry-science networking
  • Discussion of confidential issues relevant to individual members via F&HN Direct

The F&HN in operation

    The network comprises a number of expert clusters each focused around an area of industrial interest and IFR expertise. Cluster meetings allow members to discuss current and future science issues in confidence.

The Future

As the Network develops, we hope to include other clusters and to expand the existing clusters with relevant expertise from other research providers. The overall objective of making the science more accessible to create industrial wealth will be the guiding feature.

General Terms

  • Membership is for one year from 1 July which may be renewed annually
  • Participation of individuals, companies and IFR staff will be within the rules of the Network
  • Data protection: We will retain your details on our database. If at any time you would like your details to be removed from the database, please contact us. The Food & Health Network database is not sold, or otherwise distributed, outside IFR.

Membership Charges

Annual Membership fee is £600. Membership entitles you to

  • Regular up-dates via an electronic newsletter
  • Access to Members Area of the website
  • Access to cluster meetings at a cost of £50 (+VAT) per person

A reduced fee is available to SMEs (more information)


Non-members of the Network may attend seminars/workshops for £250/person/day, depending on the topic. Attendance fees can be offset against membership within 2 months of the event

DownloadDownload Membership application form [available in PDF format]


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