February 2005 

F&HN Brief – February 2005

F&HN Update

New member

Welcome to Cadbury Schweppes who have joined the following clusters: Barriers, Food and Nutrition, Predictive Microbiology and Risk Analysis, Quality throughout Shelf-Life and Allergy.

Forthcoming Meetings

Dairy Industry conference"Innovation through Innovation" - Cambridge, 1-2 March 2005

This conference may be of interest to F&HN Members, it is a conference which forms part of The First IDF Dairy Science and Technology Week, organised by UK Dairy and International Dairy Federation. This is 4-day conference beginning on 28 February, for more information click on: http://www.fil-idf.org/DST2005/

Barriers Cluster Meeting - 8 March 2005

Proposed Topic : “Moisture Migration in Complex Foods; and Potential Novel Barriers”. Programme will be available shortly, if you are interested in attending this meeting, please contact Lesley Swift.

PRIMA Cluster Meeting - 9 March 2005

Programme to be confirmed, if you are interested in finding out more, please e-mail Lesley Swift.


Allergy Cluster Meeting - 17 March 2005

Proposed Topic : "Managing Allergens in Food". Programme will be available shortly, if you are interested in attending this meeting please e-mail Lesley Swift.

Genomics and the Food Chain: A Showcase for Industry

Wednesday 23 March 2005, Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Hinxton, Cambridge

One-day event aimed at industrialists who wish to gain an understanding of the exciting new possibilities and developments opened up by the application of genomics to the food chain (from producers to consumers, via processors and retailers). A series of presentations from leading researchers and practitioners will showcase work funded by the Research Councils, speakers will highlight the relevance and implications of their work to industry, with networking opportunities and the chance to participate in a tour of the Sanger Institute genome sequencing facility.

Places are free but delegates will be responsible for their own travel costs.

For more information visit: http://www.bbsrc.ac.uk/news/events/23_mar_genomics_and_foodchain.html
e-mail: isobel.howe@bbsrc.ac.uk


Further ahead...

Launch of F&HN Direct

A team of IFR Scientists recently visited a Cluster Member Company as part of a new F&HN activity we are calling F&HN Direct. Unlike previous F&HN cluster activities the meeting was deliberately 1:1 which gave much more scope for confidential discussions. The IFR team also aimed to LISTEN much more than it spoke. This gave the member company the opportunity to share information about its future direction, key goals, aspirations and research requirements. By improving our understanding of your businesses we hope to find new ways to collaborate to mutual advantage.

We hope to repeat this new style F&HN meeting with as many F&HN companies as wish to participate. If you are interested in participating in a similar activity, please contact Lesley Swift

Towards Personalised Nutrition – a new F&HN Cluster

IFR, with IP Pragmatics, has just been funded by the East of England Development Agency to establish the NutGen Cluster – a cross-disciplinary network enabling life sciences, food and public health sectors in the region to take advantage of the advances in nutritional genomics, with the first meeting anticipated to take place March or early April 2005, date as yet to be confirmed.

If you’re interested in joining please get in touch with Siân Astley in IFR Communications office – e-mail: sian.astley@bbsrc.ac.uk (Siân is the Communications Manager for NuGo – the new Network of Excellence on nutrigenomics, funded by the EU, for which IFR is managing communications).



Recent News

Traffic Light Labelling - Nutrient Profiling

On 1 February, IFR hosted a confidential discussion by a number of food industry colleagues on the subject of Nutrient Profiling and the proposed Traffic Light System under discussion at the FSA. The consensus of the discussion day to be Feedback to the FSA prior to the deadline of 25 February 2005.

The next 'Brief'' due May 2005

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