December 2005 

F&HN Brief December 2005

F&HN Update

Wishing all our members "Compliments of the Season!"

Forthcoming Events

The 2006 Calendar of Events for F&HN is now available on the events section of the website, where you will also find an Event Registration Form. Completed forms should be Faxed back to Lesley Swift in order to reserve a place for each event you wish to attend.

Membership News

New Members

Welcome to new Members:-

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As you are now aware, the fee for membership of additional Clusters has been replaced by a Meeting Attendance Fee of £50 (+VAT)/delegate. All members are now eligible to attend any cluster event. We believe this better reflects the needs of the members who are increasingly looking to attend specific meetings rather than all meetings of one specific Cluster.

Non F&HN Members may attend Cluster Meetings, this cost will continue to be £250 (+VAT).

Open Days & BA Festival

IFR Open Days

We would like to invite all our friends and colleagues to visit us during our Open Day series, taking place in parallel with the British Association's Festival of Science at Norwich Research Park in September 2006.

The Institute plans three Open Days - the first, on Thursday 7 September is primarily for our academic, business and media stakeholders. On Friday 8 there will be a number of student workshops, followed on Saturday 9 when our doors will be open for anyone who wants to visit. The theme for IFR Open Days is "Choosing, Eating, Living", representing IFR as a vital link in the food chain. The concept is that all IFR's research falls into the following categories:

  • Choosing - what influences our food choice, and how industry can provide us with safe nutritious food we want to eat
  • Eating - the digestion journey - gastrointestinal responses to what we eat
  • Living - beyond the gut wall - how food components impact on our long term health

BA Festival

The BA Festival is the UK's leading science communication event, attracting around 400 of the best national and international talent from all branches of the natural and social sciences to talk about, debate and present their research. You may like to put the dates 2-9 September into your diary, as we are sure there will be much to interest visitors. The theme is "People, science and society", the Presidential address from Frances Cairncross will focus on what social science can do for the sciences in general.

The key message is not that the social sciences are just like other sciences, but that social sciences is the glue that helps to bring other sciences together and to translate them into policy, public awareness, concepts of risk and behavioural change.

Making the News

FSA Consultation Launched - Front of Pack Labelling

The Food Standards Agency launched a consultation on 16 November setting out proposals on a front of pack food labelling scheme. The Agency is considering proposing use of a Multiple Traffic Light (MTL), which will show at a glance whether a food contains high, medium or low levels of fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt.

Taking account of the research results, consumers particularly liked two of the four schemes. These were the Multiple Traffic Light and the Colour Guideline Daily Amount (CGDA). On balance, the evidence demonstrated that Multiple Traffic Light performed best for the majority of consumers at showing the key nutritional characteristics of a food simply and easily. In the research the Simple Traffic Light was not liked and felt to be too basic.

When asked which scheme they preferred the majority of people chose the CGDA format. However, further qualitative research confirmed that many people could not apply the information it contained to the food choices they actually made.

The Agency is therefore considering proposing the Multiple Traffic Light for the front of pack scheme. However, because CGDAs were also well liked, the Agency is inviting views on the options.

The results of the Agency's research are published, and a 12-week public consultation launched, on 16 November. It is proposed that the front of pack labelling scheme should appear initially on foods such as ready meals, pies and pizzas that people eat regularly and find most difficult to assess nutritionally. More details

Science + Innovation

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