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Pathway to Personalised Nutrition Cluster

Aimselection of fruit and nuts

To establish a cross-disciplinary network enabling life sciences, food and public health sectors in the Eastern region to take advantage of the advances in nutritional genomics.


The ability to create and exploit knowledge is an integral feature of every successful advanced economy. IFR has secured funding from the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) to take advantage of the knowledge and on-going research in nutritional genomics across the region.

Nutrigenomics requires input from a wide variety of specialities, together with complex and expensive equipment and bioinformatics. Thus, collaboration between academic and industrial organisations is essential. In addition, the technological innovation and anticipated benefits are most likely to be realised through exploitation by SMEs. The Cluster offers opportunities for companies, research bodies and universities in the region to participate in high-quality research in collaboration with one another, and their European counterparts.

More specifically, this regional network provides an opportunity to:

  • Support a forum for discussion and the exchange of information about nutritional genomics
  • Provide access to tailored information about nutritional genomics for external organisations and individuals
  • Facilitate interaction between academic and industrial members, national and regional Government, and other organisations with interests in nutrigenomics. .
  • Develop a regional dimension to international nutrigenomics research, and commercial and public activities in this area
  • Ensure sufficient financial resources are available to sustain the network beyond the initial funding provided by EEDA and the DTI

Who Attends?

Primarily academics and industrialists based in the East of England region.

Food and biotech organisations based outside the region are also invited in order to ensure a diversity of members and interests.

IFR Skill Base Underlying the Cluster

IFR is member of The European Nutrigenomics Organisation (NuGO) linking genomics, nutrition and health research. This world-leading European Network of Excellence ( is a partnership between 22 academic and research institutes, each with expertise applicable to nutritional genomics research.

The Cluster draws on this expertise in:

  • Harmonisation and standardisation of post-genomics technology and informatics systems
  • Exploitation of technological and scientific innovations in key areas of nutrition and health research
  • Encouragement of excellence in nutrigenomics research by sharing knowledge with all stakeholders
  • Promotion of evidence-based healthier food production and consumer choice

Cluster activities

  • Meetings to discuss the latest developments in nutrigenomics, potential commercial interests, and the application of results to health and medicine
  • Publication of information about nutritional genomics using a variety of communications channels
  • Development of webpages, within the existing Food & Health Network site

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